Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cow or Corpse

Ok an update because I hate when I read someone blog and they're all "hey went to the hospital" and then there is nothing for days and you're all, did they die? OMG should I send flowers, call, e-mail?

So the prednisone did as it's supposed to and opened up everything and I can breath. I even went for 2 hours this AM without oxygen. Am I up to working, no. Which is why I left Bill and Sarah at my job while I'm home re-oxygenating.

So I'm totally upright and breathing and probably smelling like a cow again, which I'll totally take over smelling like a corpse. We're shooting for avoiding that one for a while.

I'm into death avoidance.

But. I am supposed to drink 80 oz of water a day. Do you know how some people consider alcohol the devils liquid. Yeah I consider that water. I LOATHE water. It is nasty. Luckily Bill found me some flavored water by Nestle that isn't sickeningly sweet and I can sort of stomach it. Luckily all liquid counts like soup broth.Coffee and sodas count but also are dehydrators themselves, so add 2 take away 1. 80 freakin' ounces, that's like 3 friggin' quarts. Who the hell needs that much hydration? Yeah well, apparently me. "It keeps the mucus thin and flowing." So yeah for mucus leaving. Can't the make a pill for that shit?

And you can probably tell my mood is a little better. Getting a full nights sleep and being able to breath in anything more than small gasps at a time is a HUGE improvment.

Oh, my oxygen is annoying me. That's a good sign, means I'm getting too much. I'll be happy to turn it down a little again. Down from 3 yesterday to 2.5 last night, to 2 right now. 2 is my normal overnight dose. So being back down to 2 would be hopeful.

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