Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pfft. Needed to dust things off in here.

It's a little messy and neglected.

I've been putzing along. I'd like to say WOW I got all this stuff done and LOOKIE what I did.

In reality what I've been doing is sleeping way too many hours. Getting way too little done. And basically slacking completely.

I've been getting Greg's schooling stuff done, my work done, and basically that's it. I've felt nasty and crappy and icky for a week now. Work was a struggle and a half because I felt bleh.

I can't even get excited over the fence getting worked on. YEAH! Ehh. It looks GREAT. And really I'm excited.

What? This is totally my excited face.
I hope to hell I snap out of this shit because hell month is starting and I really need to be in top form for this shit. I can't afford to slip up my game now.

I even have a new-to-me laptop so I can send someone else to a dairy while I'm at one. Now if someone else would feel comfortable with doing that alone other than me. Ha. I don't think it's my job that's so hard, it's all the paperwork that seems daunting and overwhelming. And it does to me too. I've just been doing it longer.

I have to get someone (volunteer found, they just need to get healthy again) to test out the tester cheat forms I created to make sure I didn't leave anything out and that they will work for the new program.

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