Friday, October 31, 2008

Did I mention I'm done breeding?

Oh yeah, I'm done breeding.

We pulled the bucks out / moved the older does up top last weekend. I hadn't seen doe action in weeks and frankly if they arn't bred it wasn't meant to be. The little ober buck is still with his harem but only because moving him and his group is a little more effort as they are nailed into his pen. I will disband them this weekend if it's not raining too hard. He could use the extra time anyway he's a little runty.

Greg is maning the trick-or-treat booth tonight. We decided at the last minute to decorate the porch. I'd been trying to talk him into it for a month and THIS MORNING he gives in. So we ran all over looking for three things, web, black light, and a fogger IF i could find one. 2 towns, 4 stores and one awesome half off sale and we were set. Though it took one more store to get the damn black light.

We had one kid at 4:30. Really? People it's not even a school night, and she was NOT in school yet.


Anonymous said...

Thats one more than we got!

d-guy from livejournal

Fogspinner said...

Oh we probably had 75 kids total. We just had one really early. And why I have no clue, that was too damn early I was still carvin' my pumpkin. LOL