Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yeah ok, so weekly updates aren't happening either. Last week went by like if the length of was a nanosecond. I was left on Thursday feeling a little/lot like a dog chasing it's tail, only my tail was much too short. And then I jumped in the car and went to Woodland, CA. Those are 5 hours of my life I will never get back. My husband studied for his test on the way down while I drove...and drove... and drove. It's really not too long of a trip (5hours) or an ugly trip (well I-5 isn't anything to brag about) but I just went there last month. The one thing we did see was a hilarious road sign. I'll post a picture we took of it on the way home later this week.

This week entails getting all my work done is two days so that I might spend the rest of the week getting ready to travel to a goat show this weekend. Yesterday and today, mil test. Tomorrow; ship milk, DR's appointment, livestock meeting, arranged phone call about show. Thursday; possible finishing clipping, packing, cleaning, putting trailer back together after it hauled a cow. Friday; pack up and get Sarah and go. I'm hoping to be on the road leaving around 3. I know that's super early for her. She's more the head out and pull in at the last minute kind of girl. I just really want to be all the way into Red Bluff by dark. Which is like 7:30. I always plan for the worst with the best possible outcome. If I break down... someone will be able to get to me to help without it being too dark/too late/ too wet/ too cold/ too hot... whatever the case may be. We all hope to never break down or have a problem and that road sucks monkey nuts, but it sure beats the hell out of the alternative.

In other news; oh hell I don't have other news. All I've done for the last week revolved around cows, cow milk, cow feed, cow poop, cow people... I'm on cow overload.

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sarah said...

Ew, cows. So sorry.
So I don't think all of my does and yours will fit in your trailer. I have 5 milkers and a dry yearling, and 3 kids.
What do you think?