Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hear Ye Hear Ye.

I'll have pictures of the bathtub project (which I finished) when I post pictures from the other 2 projects I've started. Hehehe.

Project #1, bathtub re-do (finished construction) It needs a soap holder, who knew one would be so hard to find?
Project #2, paint whole bathroom (done) Ahh, the ugly wooden vanity never looked so good. I have touch up to do, I asked hubby to "catch" a drip, and he wiped all the paint off.
Project #3, paint kitchen. This is a project I've been wanting to do forever and been putting off because I wasn't sure I'd like it. I finally decided in my sagely wisdom that if I didn't get off my fat ass and try it I'd never know if I liked it and if I didn't like it, I'd redo it. I think this comes from my insane dislike of redoing ANYTHING. If I have the energy to do it, I will only have that "spurt" once so we better get it right the first time, has been my thinking.

That's one of the parts of my job I hate. I really dislike the set up and tear down. Tear down the most. I'm already tired from chasing cows for sometimes hours on end, the last thing I want to do is clean up. Bleh.

So Project #4 will be to repaint the inside of my cupboards. But, um... remove object in cupboard, clean shelves, paint, let cure 48-72 hours, replace objects... wash rinse repeat... sounds fun No? I'll have to do this one cupboard or two at a time because we have little floor/counter space to store the stuff.

Project #5 which may surpass Project #4 will be to rotate all the bedrooms in this house. G needs a bigger room, Hubby, who only sleeps and watches tv here, does not need the biggest room in the house, and I just don't care. But to do that project one major thing must be done first, they (G and hubby, hubby can't fit under the house, and G won't be able to for long) have to run a phone line to my new/old bedroom. I'm basically reclaiming the room that was mine when we bought this house. I have to have my computer. Then the work starts because in the remaining two bedrooms we are tearing out the carpet as we go. I HATE/LOATH carpet. I mean it's nice in your house. As long as you are the one vacuuming it and not me. I have 3 dogs and 6 cats, a tomboy, and a mill worker living here.

So picture will come soon. I'd like to post pictures of both the kitchen and bathroom at the same time. I'd even like to say I had pictures of thanksgiving to share, and I took the camera, and took NO pictures. No that's not true, I tried to take a picture of my dog in hubby's lap in the lamp light. She looks like an alien from the flash and without the flash you can't see them. (My moms house has no electricity, they don't run that far out, and her house isn't even wired for it anyway.) Oh and we got a picture of a really nice buck who escaped hunting season and was probably giving thanks he was the one who got away.

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