Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For those keeping score the breakdown looks like this:
California (for as many breeders that are here) only has 18 judges total.
3 have asked not to asked to judge our fair.
2 (so far) are moving out of the state
1 was our judge last year
1 is not responging to e-mail
2 don't judge "piddley events" but I'm going to hit them up anyway
4 I haven't contacted yet
1 is a last resort because people won't show is she judges
3 must be reached by phone
2 e-mails are still out

Oregon has 7 judges.
1 is no longer a judge in '08
1 (so far) will be out of the country
1 (so far is booked)
2 are call only
2 left to e-mail

Options are quickly running short. We may have to have the same judges we had last year or at least one of them and people will just have to suck it up. There are only so many options. I guess we could cut back to one show and then have double the money to spend on the judge. Yeah I see that going over like a lead balloon.

I'm e-mailing people in batches on the off chance someone says Yes. At this point I would probably fall out of my chair if someone said "Hey yeah I'm available."

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MOL said...

So the madness begins.....