Monday, October 29, 2007

This is my 100th post here. I was going to save it for something special, quirky, profound even.

And then I realized, who the hell am I kidding? If I'm waiting for even ONE of those three things to happen, ya'll should just take this little blog off your readers.

So here is the profoundness that is my 100th post.


No TV on in my house. Other than my wheezing and the tapping of the keyboard there is not a sound to be heard.
You don't know how happy this makes me. I love the man really, but I'm so damn glad for him to be out of the house you have NO idea. He better get a job when he retires or there will be serious problems in town.

Blessedly I have this whole week off. I love my work but I have been having a hard time "getting into it". There is a real rhythm and mine has been off. Not off on the job, off with all this other crap. The background crap. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, shipping, cleaning.
Maybe I need to go on vacation to a motel. When I get home I usually find I want to clean and organize. So not likely.

G's finger is better. His elbow is sealed over at least and the bruising should subside, eventually. Yeah, don't ask. Let's leave it at; Grace had a rough meeting between elbow and rock. I'm taking stock out in Steri-Strips and band-aide.

The goats have been returned to their own pens and the does are all out in one pen together. A friend brought a doe over to be bred but I think they are about 2 days too late. Same as they were last month. I told them if it doesn't stick this month they need to mark THIS heat (I do think I mentioned this last month) on the calender and we'll get her over here earlier.

No word from the people who have leased my doe. I need to e-mail them and remind them that YES I do remember you have her.

No luck on the puppy front. I'm really really picky and just haven't found the right one yet. Which is fine. One will come along eventually.


Kentucky Girl said...

YAY FOR MEN BACK AT WORK!! Doug gets on my nerves when he's home with me. I mean not like normally, but like ALL THE TIME gets on my nerves.

What kind of puppy you looking for? I know lots of rescue places and have some contacts and stuff.

Fogspinner said...

Long haired chihuahua female, not tan or white. Or a welsh corgi female tri colored. Puppy. Not older dog.
Preferably not directly from a rescue. I already have three dogs who's issues I've inherited.

Who me? Picky... never LOL

Kentucky Girl said...

Puppies from rescues don't usually have issues...the older dogs tend to though.

I have a friend who has Corgis. I'll ask him for his breeder name if you want. They're north of Napa but I don't know exactly where.

You sure you want a Corgi around them goats? LOL

Fogspinner said...

Yep, in fact that is one of the reasons I'm leaning that way. I loved the one I had. Plus you have to remember I have two border collies and a cattle dog cross. We're all about herding and high drive. Well maybe not so much the herding. For a house full of herding dogs not one of these brats has any interest in the least.

Kentucky Girl said...

LOL Just making sure because his two Corgis herd guests of his into the kitchen by the dog biscuit tin. LOL They really, really, really like to herd and haven't had any training other than just basic obedience.

But they're SO DAMN CUTE! Have you considered terriers? They're high drive but don't have the herding instinct in them. Plus, well, they're cute. Jack Russells are really cute and smart as whips.