Monday, October 29, 2007

Can you hear it?

Shhh... lean close.... closer... can you hear it?

Good! That my 3 friends is the sound of SILENCE. He's gone. GONE GONE GONE.

Yes I have to admit it is a bummer that he won't be here to cook dinner. And yet he also won't be here to bitch about what to cook for dinner. Or the dishes. Or turning the TV up to levels which make my ears bleed.

The best part? Other than the silence, which believe me is totally golden right now, (My SA son said, as I was pointing out how quiet it was... Shh mom you're ruining your silence.) is I don't have to eat dinner anymore!

I'm pretty much a one meal a day person. I don't snack either. I do drink soda like it was the last fluid on earth. Caloric balance, yeah that's what it is. I do however eat twice a day on days I work, because really, the other days, I'm pretty much sitting on my ass building up my thunder thighs, and don't need more than one meal to fuel all that nothing.
I really skip dinner alot. Or I'll eat a can of peaches, a can of corn, some zucchini, or something else light.

My husband, the man, eats like 4-8 times a day. Full meals. HUGE meals. Last night he fixed chicken, vegetable, and mac and cheese ALL for dinner. Holy bat shit man that's like 3 nights worth of food for me and G.

Ahh my tunny will love me tonight.

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