Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For those keeping score: To date:

2-11 Stormy twin bucks (one rode the short bus to town)
2-13 Capers twins- doe/buck
2-14 Shikari Twins- doe/buck
2-14 Leah- Abort (Greg's alpines are off to a roaring success! /sarcasm)
2-15 Charlotte- twin bucks (thank god she wasn't up to any records this year)
2-16 Escapade- single doe (first freshening yearling)
2-16 Endora- twin bucks (first freshening two year old)

Not quite half way. So far we have 3 keepers and one buck we're going to grow out a little to "see". Greg's not having any luck so far with his alpine project but he's had a great offer from Sarah that I think he's going to take her up on. He has one alpine left to kid but she's a real bitch, and I wouldn't put it past her to eat them just to spite us. ;-)

So far I'm drowning in milk. Remind me of this is a month when I'm scrounging for more. Though with this doe rate I'm liable to have to buy a calf. I'm really only milking 3 of those does so far (charlotte had her kids til this am, and the other two JUST kidded) and I'm getting 2 gallons a day. Charlotte will add another at least gallon a day to the milk alone, but those two firsties I don't except much from. With only 4 mouths to feed after Thursday...... I'm freezing it as fast as they produce it.

I expect by the end of today at least one more will kid if not 2 or 3.

Edit to add:

2-16 Maddy twins doe/black both black (She makes the birth of the year. Our first black doe in years, and the first doe she's ever had.)

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sarah said...

OK...CAE. I am not raising ANYONE on prevention this year. If you have an inkling of who you might want, or if you want me to pick , let me know. Colostrum is the problem..maybe I'll prepare some. Or do you care?