Monday, June 15, 2009

I rock finding a motel.

45 a night, two beds, free wi-fi, free snacks!, one free hour of long distance a day, and "if we won't be up when you check in, we'll leave the light on and the key in your room."

Sometimes it pays to just sit and make phone call after phone call. I was about ready to settle for 79+tax a night and call it good.

Lady says, we're an older motel but we're clean and the beds are new and comfortable. I said Lady, you just said the magic words! Then she said, oh and we have free wi-fi. Holy Shit, it's like a little slice of heaven!

Entries in (check)
Living arrangements made (check)
vet check arranged (check)

I'm kinda looking forward to this.. all except the eating out 3 meals a day or fair food. That I'm not looking forward to. But! We have a fridge and a microwave and there is a 24hour store a block away. OH and, if we need a place to park our trailer, No Problem, just bring it down, we'll keep an eye on it. Hello? Who gets this kind of service anymore?


Rootietoot said...

Find me some places like that in Kansas and Missouri, on Rt66 and I'll get you a souvenier.

Anonymous said...

Nup, service like that is hard to find. So, have you been there yet?