Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the record

  • two down two to go and this week will be over
  • I do not recommend land diving
  • my ass is fine but my elbow shoulder and neck are killing me after my little swan dive onto the pavement. *of which I got not a SINGLE freaking bruise that I so truly diserve, yet spanking my dog for YET AGAIN whining at the chicks and pawing at their cage caused my thumb to swell and turn black because I caught her dog tags with it.
  • I tried to "help" on friday at a dairy after i took a sample I dipped and turned out a cow, not realizing they had tied up her machine. To do this the wrap a rope from one side of the machine up and over the cow to the other side of the machine, it helps stop air leaks and helps keep the machine on small teated cows. The result was a cow backing out while wrapped up in hoses and rope, oh yeah, with me in the middle. Eventually something gives, usually the hoses slip off the machine and whip around. Did I mention I was in the middle of this? I got a nice hose beating for my trying to help. OHHH and a bruise from THAT!
Karma made me her bitch this week. And here I thought I'd been being so nice lately. *Hum.

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