Monday, March 2, 2009

And then it was over

Our last kids for a long time were born today in the "break" in the storm.
Today equaled 2 does out of my favorite black togg doe (one black one), and one big black (Grrrrrrrrr) buck out of my ober.
We are officially done. I'm really not counting the one (or two) that are left because they were OOPS breedings.

So, that makes 12 kids, only three of them bucks. My buck rate is only 25%. I can handle that. My kid rate overall was way down this year, but that's good and manageable, so I'll take it. (Like I have much choice?)

I'm going to look back to see, but I think my togg bucks overwhelmingly make does. My togg rate is 9 does 1 buck. That's like 10% bucks.
I'm going to go look and see what those two bucks' rate was last year.
My ober buck is batting 0. 2 kids, 2 bucks. :-( No ober babies for us this year.

More on my rate when my husband isn't being all bitchy that we need to go milk, whens dinner, have you seen then timeeeeeeee, whine..... WHAAAAAAA. Oh man I can NOT take 2 more weeks lay off. I might KILLLLLLLL him. Really. Dead.

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