Thursday, February 19, 2009

Awww. I got the sweetest anonymous comment yesterday and it made me feel really guilty for avoiding my blog.

Yes, avoiding.

Because how much talk about my nasty poor health can 3 people stand. And two of you talk to me in real life so you get the story TWICE. At least parts of the story twice. Because really, here I only highlight things. That's because I'm a horrible writer and I know it.

So here is the basic update.

I've been home for just shy of a month and have another ripping lung infection. I am back on a different antibiotic, pill form. The inhaled one I take daily is a heavy duty one, but it's only for one specific infection and this is probably not a flare up of that one. We did order, and I was able to produce, a sputum culture (mucus from lungs) to see what I'm growing. Again. So quickly.

We know that the reason my lung are in this bad of shape is because the last year I've had reoccurring infections going that weren't treated heavily enough. What we didn't realize is how fast they were reoccurring. Normally I wouldn't have seen the signs of this infection coming like I did this time because I wasn't ever in as "good" of shape as I was coming out of the hospital.

Good... that's relative I hope you know. I can be off my 02 during the day. As long as I don't DO anything. I am by far getting stronger all the time. I unloaded a huge amount of my stress yesterday because I just can't make a commitment too far in advance. I'm even afraid to say, HEY next week lets do something... because I hate to cancel and change plans, that irritates me and I never know how I'll feel tomorrow let alone in a week.

My pets are fine, my cat is still lost, my goats are due to kid any second, my husband is about to be laid off again, my son is recovering from the flu/bacterial gut infection, his school is going well, my mother is still coming weekly to help clean my house, and it's sunny today.

Is it odd that my dog, the long hund, seems to know when my lungs are getting worse before I do? She isn't a really clingy dog, but shortly before I notice I'm "sick" she starts clinging to me. Like VELCRO. Like right now she's so close to my leg she might as well be UNDER my butt. Well ok, thigh.

Ok the teacher is coming. We are getting Rossetta Stone Spanish soon, I hope it's here.


karine said...

i am guessing there are more people interested in your life, health, family and well being than you give credit for.

i look daily for your updates, wondering how things are going, sending healing thoughts your way.

MOL said...

hey, cant wait to hear about that rosetta stone spanish, i have always wanted to see what that was about. Well ever since Fausta taught me all those dirty

I hope I am included in the 3....

Jen said...

I believe I'm the one who you don't talk to in real life! ha ha! :)

You're not a horrible writer. The best blog writers are those who tell it as it is, in my opinion.

I think animals can sense when we are ill or are going to be ill and dogs more so than cats. Dogs care about their masters where as cats are usually snobs!

I'm glad to hear you are getting stronger each day. HUGS

Anonymous said...

I too am interested in the Rosetta stone Spanish. We should be conversing soon, no?
Mi dientes son mal.

Srsly, you do write well, I think I have told you that. And believe me, I know bad writing.

Let me know if you need help with kidding. It seems to be my vocation lately.