Sunday, November 16, 2008

I do feel much less like ass, thanks for asking. My little fistfuls of wonder drugs does seem to help every time. I am noticing some trouble with the hypertension again. We can't have it all and so far a little ibuprofen or aspirin takes the edge off of that. These infernal shakes are whats driving me nuts. I used to never have this trouble with this type of drug, but as the say... I am getting older. blah blah blah

So shaking like I have Parkinson's is getting to be a norm. BUT! I can breath. So trade offs.

Typing takes forever. Where I think I put my fingers isn't where they land with the jerking and shaking. I'm not the best typist to begin with so this is an added challenge.

The conjunctivitis is clearing up too. That sure helps the headaches. Nothing, well except a migraine or working with my husband, gives me a headache like constant eye pain.

The buck pen is 75% done, and by tomorrow Bill will be 90% done. We had to stop today on account of the "race" being on. So he can stay home tomorrow and finish. Now I just need a gate to finish to all up. I like to have the gate before putting in the last gate post, insures correct fit that way.

Funny how my old buck just likes his pen. Today all the fences were torn out or had gaping holes and he put himself in there and laid out in "his" spot. He rubbed on a few boards and qualified himself for Cal-Trans by "helping" supervise the boys putting in posts, I think he approves. And it's all about his comfort after all. ;-)


sarah said...

If you have some steel, I can build you a gate, you know.
There's a free bedframe in Rio Dell on Freecycle..that's really good angle iron steel


Jen said...

Hooray for breathing...and if there's a few spelling errors, who cares!? :)