Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm not even sure where to begin with this update.
I will for sure be out of touch from Tuesday until further notice.

As of this moment;

My father is off the respirator. He is on oxygen due to his sleep apnea. His neck is broken in two places but the halo is in place. He hates it. He can talk. God help them. :-) His right arm is in excruciating pain. They don't know why yet.

The leg injury that the truth was so elusive about is now all cleared up. They believe his knee hit the dash and drove his femur through his hip socket. His hip socket is in a million (ok not literally a million) pieces. His femur and the ball on it's end are in tact.

The surgery to repair the hip is life threatening. The hip is hemeraging but we can't see the bruising because he's been laid flat so it's all on his hind side. Not only will there be a team of orthopedic surgeons there but also a vascular team on call in case anything goes wrong. The surgery will take at least 8 hours.

If he survives this surgery then we are talking at LEAST 3 months of rehab. We are hoping that at least the first 3 weeks can be spent there and then done here with appointments over there.

The hospital thought he had no insurance. We have no idea where his wallet went. Now knowing he has insurance the rehab can fall into place we hope.

Please keep us in your thoughts. The smoke is horrible there. I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about it much as I can hide out in the hospital and not be in it much. Not to mention it's supposed to be 112 there tomorrow.


Karine said...

thinking good thoughts for your father and family. Sounds like a horrific situation.

Jen said...

Sending lots of prayers to your family.