Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I received "the call" today. This is the much anticipated call that I had decided I wasn't going to get.
No not the call that says HEY your goats are sold.
But the call that says your business just doubled.

I'm meeting with him next week.

Right now I'm really thankful I have friends that will come help at the drop of a hat. A family who's really supportive. A clients who totally rock.

This batch includes another large herd. 600+ in Ferndale. That will make my help happy. Though I'm sure she's thinking... crap more cows. Or possibly crap, more cow crap.

That last herd was just too dirty. I was not happy about that. I don't mind cows really. Cow crap doesn't matter to me much. I usually do not get that dirty in a pit barn. Flat barns, yes, because, well, cow crap splatters and when it falls from 4' it tends to really splatter, like all over my legs. This last barn the cows would crap and it would splash into the pit, which is at my torso level. I got shit on my face. That is not acceptable. Wonder if they would notice if I wore a full face mask. :-)

I have to purchase a gift (?) for someone as a thank you. This is my reminder. They may get it for Hanukkah. I'm really slow like that.


Anonymous said...

Not only was that barn dirty, it was wet and sloppy. Bad combination.

Is it bad that it makes me happy that the poo bath bothers you occasionally too?
The worst part is that cows have diarrhea. Always. It's their natural crap-state.


Jen said...

Wow...I'm so happy I'm a stay at home mom and don't work with farm animals!!! ;-)