Thursday, June 26, 2008

UGH and UGH and EWWW and BLEH.

That should cover it.

Heard from my DR today. The culture is back. Take the drug I was taking. Before now but not way before now. So the one in the middle. The expensive one. Yeah me.

On that note the prednisone did as prescribed. I feel MUCH better. However, I'm on the downhill slide of it and can feel the pressure building back up. The new antibiotic should help that. I hope.

My hubby is an irrational asshole today. This I did not need. I mean who ever needs it? Right? But today I could have used him to be a little less irate and a hole lot more rational. I mean really? You slept all day yesterday. Claiming it was too wet to mow yards. Ask for G to help you today, because you have to have all this work done by tomorrow. Then you DRIVE OFF AND LEAVE HIM HOME because of something I said to you. Something along the lines of, you probably should have gotten some of this done YESTERDAY. I call and offer to go out of my way to drop him off, thinking you just forgot him. You SCREAM at me. The woman you just left coughing up blood clots and gasping for air. You screamed at me? Do you know how dead that could make you? Ummmm get a grip much?

Ok so end hubby rant. I'm over it. He's clueless. But I'm not going to point that out. It's like not seeing the forest for the trees.

My goats are looking pretty good.
I wish I could get these damn kids sold. It looks like a trip to Petaluma is in order. I'll haul a bunch of misfits if I have to go that far just to make it worth the haul.

Tomorrow I work at the dairy of mystery. Ha. I haven't been able to get into the barn since their remodel so this hole thing will be a mystery. My faithful employee will be there to hold my hand so it will all work out ok. Either that, or we'll both leave the whole mess to G and he can figure it out. It's taken me 3 trips to get enough hose to make all the pieces I needed just to connect the meters. And it's not that I can't measure. I swear. Measure twice cut once. Nothing was as disheartening as getting to the end of the roll yesterday and realizing I was 3 feet short. UGH!

Goats again. All re-clipped and as ready for the show as they are going to get. They still look a little mothy, but I don't give a rip now. We have to scratch one ober because she has a fungal (not ringworm) patch on her ear and cheek. One of the "other" guys kids came with the same crud on the base of her ear. We treated and moved on. Whatever ya know? It's actually the right time frame to have been something they picked up at the last show too. Which could/would mean ringworm, except this is not like any ringworm I've ever seen. The pens we use there house pigs, sheep, goats, calves... you name it the rest of the year, so who knows what bugs might be in there. Just goes to show we need to get back to spraying everything again. :-(

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