Sunday, February 17, 2008

"It's been rumored that I died"

This last week will officially be called either;
A) 101 ways to freak out your friends and family
B) The week I almost died.

Count all your fingers..... (hopefully you came to 10) That's how many TIA's I'm up to this week. I'm good during the day, it's at night when we have trouble. So sleep.... not so much. I'm tired and bleh during the day mostly from the lack of sleep I'm sure.
My lung is still filling up with blood at night but it stopping much much faster now that I'm not taking any blood thinners. (Duh!)
I cannot stand up or sit up too fast or I either have a TIA or almost faint from vertigo.
The antibiotics are making me a little sick to my stomach right after I take them but it doesn't last long. I'm not supposed to eat after I take them for an hour... or rather I can eat as long as it doesn't contain iron, calcium, or magnesium. Which leaves what, exactly?
My desk looks like a drug store puked on it.

I picked up a new client (Thanks Sarah!!!). This is possibly the worst possible time to pick up a new client because I feel like ass and my concentration is about <> this long. However, I'm not in the business of turning away business and I don't plan to feel like ass for much longer. Hear that???? I'm done with you! Ha. Yeah, like THAT will work.

I have baby goats hitting the ground in a firestorm. 12 kids born since Friday night. Every time we go out there at least one more doe has kidded. Today we came up with a new baby goat identifying collar. This happens every single year and every single year I'm sitting here at kidding season with my head up my ass. There is one problem with a "color" based breed. Every damn kid looks alike. So when there are 12 and you have a nurse maid, thief of an old doe who steals babies.... they have to be marked ASAP.
So we took white duct tape. Cut 11" pieces and folded it in half lengthwise onto itself so it is no longer sticky. Since pen doesn't stick to duct tape well without rubbing off, I wrote on it with my tagging pen and then took a piece of clear tape and sealed it on. Wala, numbered collars.
Bill also mentioned he has 6 buck kids spoken for and I have one, plus my regular buyer will take all that's left. It looks like all of this years buck kids will have good homes again. 5 milkers to sell and we're good to go.
Greg has to write thank you notes tonight...from Christmas. Holy hell.. late much?


sarah said...

(Thanks Sarah!!!). This is possibly the worst possible time to pick up a new client because I feel like ass and my concentration is about <> this long.

I know sarcasm when I see it.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Just letting you know that folks down under are pulling for you. GET BETTER!!!

BTW, do you have a good recipe for fresh ricotta made with fresh, non-pastuerised goat's milk? It's simple, no rennet, and ready the next day. Lemme know if you are interested and I'll put it on my food blog.

Kentucky Girl said...

Goodness need to get yourself a'straightened a'out...

*You can just send me the goats and I'll take care of them 'til you're ready to have them back...okay, I won't take care of them like you would...but I'll play with them and give them lots to eat and drink. :D