Saturday, February 9, 2008

Are you sitting down?

It's been mentioned quite a few times today that I say "so I had a stroke" maybe more than I should.
So when I found myself calling people this after noon and saying "Are you sitting down? So I had a mini stroke this morning." There was more than a little pregnant pause. It was like people were waiting for the punch line....

Punch line is; If I say "are you sitting down" it usually means it's important and serious and you are someone important enough in my life that I feel the news might be a little "staggering".

I did if fact wake up this morning in the middle of a "TIA", a mini stroke. At this point they do not seem to know why.

The C-scan revealed that in fact I DO have a brain and it was fully functional. Damn no more using that excuse.
The ultra sound of my neck revealed that there was no blockage and in fact blood IS getting to the said brain. Funny that they did the c-scan first... maybe to be sure there was even anything for the blood to be suppling? "Well, scratch off the ultrasound..."
The EKG revealed that my heart is working hard but normally. Boy that's a weight off my chest.
The x-rays revealed that my lungs are full of crap, but that crap is not pneumonia or bronchitis... maybe the blood that's been building up from the irritation.
My O2 level was "acceptable" for someone with my condition, at 88 when I arrived.

What all that says is, well, really nothing. I had a mini stroke and they do not know why.

I am on an aspirin regiment and will see my reg. Dr. on Monday who will then order a MRI/MRA for next week. I see the lung spec. on Thursday and in the middle of all that my friends/ family are going to get me through my work week, after which I will then have 2 weeks off.

Surprisingly I feel fine. The oddest part was not having control over my limbs. My whole left side was "numb". It was a little like waking up from an epidural, but I don't remember my last one very well, only that my legs were heavy and useless. Check and Check.

If anything else odd happens I'm to go back. When there is one, there are usually others. Hopefully they'll have a reason for it after the MRI. I hate not knowing.


teddy said...


good things are in the normal range now. best of luck.

Jen said...

That must've been very scary. I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

You also now have to be careful when you use the "are you sitting down" preamble.