Friday, February 1, 2008

All in all a druggy day.

Nope not a misprint. Sent G to school this AM after yet another DR appointment mostly so he could pick up his homework since no one seemed to think we should be able to pick it up. I sent a "nice" letter to his teacher. Included was that his migraines were not under control but that he was going to try to stick it out and he would probably need a quiet place to work. The quietest place they could find was across the classroom? Whatev'r.

I called his MD again to let him know that the drug of choice yesterday was a no go. We went to get lunch and came home to a little prezzie for me on the porch. Funny how just this AM at the other DR he mentioned trying G on O2 just to see what would happen, but I didn't have the machine for that yet. Now I do.

As we were opening up my new gift of air the MD called and can I come quick they close in 3 minutes. Ummm sure?

You have to understand that our MD is an odd little duck. Pun intended. Sometimes you go there and think "holy fucking quack!" The next visit, well;

His blood results were back. Talk about faster than fast. Some of his numbers were high but not outside of normal enough to be red flagged. MD man sent us home with 4 different drugs to try (where the HELL were these 7 days ago, but I digress) two for migraines and one muscle relaxer. If all else fails over the weekend we can knock him out. He also sent me home with 3 different things to try for myself. He agreed to work with the specialist so I see him primarily and the specialist only once or twice a year. He's also willing to see if we can get disibility for me without it effecting my business, and he has a lawyer he'll set me up with. Hello? Who was this masked MD? I never look a gift horse in the mouth so I'll just take what was offered.

Oh and if on monday we are still sitting on a ball of pounding headache, a CAT scan and MRI will be the words of the day. Happy happy joy joy. Keep your parts crossed that one of these drugs work.

*Sniff* I'm not even the first one to use my new toy. G is hooked to it right now... complaining....asshat.

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