Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good lord. Some tape, a few stitches, a splint and lets get going people. Does this really NEED to take 2 freakin' hours? Apparently. Did you know that steri-strips are such a high demand item and it took 4 people to locate enough to close up a 1 and a half inch cut. Yep... 4. If I was sure we hadn't been looking at bone or tendon at the bottom of that wound we'd have slapped some duct tape on it at home and called it good. Sure as hell would have been faster.
I'm not sure they thought our comments about running to Safeway for some were funny. We thought they were. But then again we didn't have to be nice to the woman who was moaning and thought she was dieing, and wanted to make sure everyone in the tri counties knew it.


mandy said...

wtf happened? lol

Karine said...

super glue is another really good item to use in closing up a cut. not sure for how deep of a cut it will work, but they have the same sort of stuff at the hospital.

When i sliced my finger and the house mates forced me to the emergency room, all they had me do was soak the finger in betadine and then they super glued it closed.

Fogspinner said...

G decided to practice his filleting skills on his index finger.
Only good thing that came out of the whole night was when the doc. told us that with cuts on the hand, on the back of the hand they worry about tendon damage, on the palm on the hand it's nerve damage.
His cut was pretty deep but ran parallel with the bone and above the tendon.
Nice work if he was filleting fish.