Monday, October 8, 2007

As I mentioned to someone recently I feel like dog ass. Today I finally feel a little better. It started on Thursday or Friday of last week and got worse and worse as the days went by. On Sat I had a killer little fever to work with that a cocktail of advil and aleve only toyed with. The herd is fubared but we worked through it. And I pretty much kept my cool all night. I came home and went right to bed. We stopped by the goats first but no way in hell was I milking, which sucked for my milk testing, the does are trying really hard to dry off so missing the one time I milk a day right now, is a bad plan. And I didn't care.

Sunday we made the trek to the Natural Fiber fair in Redway. The people watching was fun. The rest was bullcrap. I found nothing I had to have, well except some cool wooden crochet hooks, but I didn't have to have those so bad that I bought them. My in laws met us there. NO wait. They met ME there. Because when I got home Sunday morning from feeding the goats my hubby and mom were there, as planned. Only my hubby was a flaming flying dick. I mean Asshole, capitol A. So, he flips out when I ask him to pick up and go through some crap of HIS he left on the floor, flies out the door and drives off. My mom who was supposed to go with us too is in a crap mood from the get go, refused to go after the Bill incident. Now I'm in tears, made a promise to go to this thing, and don't feel good. Recipe for a good time, no?
Bill starts flinging texts at me left and right and my signal is going in and out because well because it was. Now he's pissed (as if he wasn't) because I'm ignoring him and blowing him off. Well FUCK grow UP. Anyhow, he ended up coming down. Then blew off at lunch with his parents. I'm so glad he didn't ride with me so I could just drive away and say BYE BYE.
I came home and slept all day. I got up long enough to go feed and milk my goats and that was it.
Today I feel much better. As long as Bill and I don't speak, we do just fine. Now if I could just eat. I'm a stress non-eater. Add to it being sick and good luck finding something appetizing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry.It's all my fault..