Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ouch. Owie.

I hit my head so hard today that it slammed my jaws together, cracking one of my molars. The really crappy part? I have NOTHING to show for my agony other than a cracked and now painful tooth. No lump on my head or bruise to show off. Crap.

My cell has been ringing off the hook the past two days in light of the tragic accident that took the lives of 4 local youth, 3 from my home town alone. One family lost their only daughter. It's all so sad.
As if you needed proof that drinking and driving are a horrible horrible mix, here it is.

Hubby and I started and FINISHED building my new goat feeder between two pens today. I now can move goats around for breeding tomorrow.

I'm on the hunt for something male and oberhasli that I don't have to own. Preferably with a nice shiny star in front of his name. I don't ask for much. Ha.


mad groupie said...

I read about that as well. Was one of them the guy that worked at the fair one year that AN knew? I dont recognize the one from my town.

Anonymous said...

So stupid. It's all so stupid.

Fogspinner said...

You wouldn't recognize her because she didn't live there. I'm not sure why she was listed as living there. I think it's because she was staying with some friends there for a while. She was actually living with Nate's family. Her family is all from/lives in Ferndale.