Saturday, August 4, 2007

Someone else on my bloglist posted a funny story about hardboiled eggs and I couldn't help but remember this tid bit from my youth.

There arn't many of these, so you may want to take notes, this one is about my dad.

So it was Easter and we were at the grandmonsters house. This is my dads mom. She always hid eggs for us kids, some real dyed eggs, some plastic with money and change in them. She hid (or maybe had the uncles hid, I was too young to pay attention to that) eggs at different levels. Really hard eggs to find had more money.... Get the idea?

Ok, so fast forward to the end of the egg race. Sitting in the kitchen are about 50 dozen hard boiled eggs. Easter threw up on the counters. My cousin, being 14 or 15 and determined to outdo his uncle Craig (my dad) is sitting there trying to crack eggs on his forehead.
Smack, OUCH, Smack, OUCH, smack, OUCH, Crack.
My dad picks up an egg and says, with all the machoism he can, "It's like this...." Smack, Crack...... SLIME.
There sits my dad, egg dripping off his nose and chin, while we all roll around laughing. He's starting to seethe.
My grandmother looks over, hands him a towel, and says... "Oh I thought I didn't get one dozen boiled."
All remaining eggs were cracked in a bowl. More like 3 dozen she didn't boil. I do think that was the last year she hid eggs.

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Kentucky Girl said...

LMAO! I loved that story. That is hilarious and totally something that I'd do...only it wouldn't be an accident really...hehe.