Sunday, July 1, 2007

So I'm no better at posting here than I was over at Lj. I'm just a sucky blogger. Maybe its because it's summer and I've made a pact with myself that this summer by god I was going to enjoy some of it. Last summer came and went and I was standing there in Sept thinking, FUCK I missed it AGAIN.

  • I've been sitting on my porch. Yep, there is how you enjoy summer.
  • We've been to the river to swim with the dogs. It was windy as hell. But the dogs had a ball.
  • I'd love to take Gee camping, but with the animals that's just damn near impossible.
  • I am planning to go stay with my mother at some point. But I was sick, then she was sick, now fair is looming.
  • I am going to a summer goat show. In the heat. I may be very sorry about this one. Luckily I'm with someone who doesn't show my breeds at all, so if I fade to a puddle of spit and shit, someone can help Gee get them to the ring. Plus, Sarah carries and cell and I'll bet she knows the number to 9-1-1.
  • I've been outside enough to wear a tank top.
  • I bought flips!
  • I even bought a pair of running shoes. (not that I have ANY intention of running) They kill my feet, I may be back to the hiking boots soon. Hiking boots just look so funny with shorts, and flips really do hurt my feet. I can only wear them for a short time.
  • I wore shorts! AND, didn't scare anyone. Well, that I know of. I'm pretty sure the site of my white ass legs scared the hauntings out of my house and blinded the neighbors.

That's all for now. My flowers are calling me.

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Kentucky Girl said...

You could always go camping in the back yard...or on the hillside or behind the barn or whatever. We used to do that when we were kids and had a great time of it. :D

I hate wearing shoes. I love shoes, but I hate wearing them. I know, I'm weird. :D