Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's not right, but it's updated.


All the current milkers have new shiny pictures. The yearlings and kids, not so much.


Joefish said...

I eyeballed your pages. The whitespace on the right is there because everything is hard-coded to use an old school, fixed width table. You could possibly convert it to a flexible width, but that would probably as much work (or more) than rebuilding the whole thing manually.

Fogspinner said...

I"m not against rebuilding it. What program do you recommend? I only used publisher because it was handy, and I'm lazy that way.

I have used coffee cup, but don't like the last upgrade.


Joefish said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions. I haven't used any WYSIWYG editors like that in a very long time.